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Saturday, January 31, 2015
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Change - Its an Emergency

Momma, Poppa, sistas and Brothas,

One last thing on change that I had to share with you.  I's been doing my research.  I's been learning about the past to better comprehend the future.

What I found in my research is not shocking.  If change will come it will come from the youths of today.  I discoverd this from a man that lives downstairs.  He gave me this video that I'm putting online.

On 3 September 1968, three militants of the Revolutionary Student Front (RSF) attended an underground meeting to plot the takeover of the country's only television station.  He gave me the video, now I'm sharing the story with you.  I didn't learn much but its worth looking at.  The revolution may be coming but definitely not from these three.

Watch the video here.

Screaming for Change

Brothas and Sistas,

This is the last I got to say about change for the time being.  Some of yous knows I like art.  I'm an artsy fartsy type.  Well I was just reading about Munch, you know the scream dude (pictured left) and a show of his in London.

In the review of the show I came across this: "current art is not merely interested in, but in places obsessed with, the depiction of human powerlessness, of anti-heroism, of admissions that the world is spinning too fast and its contents are too strange to make sense of".

Its true the world is spinning fast.  But I disagree not too fast.  Its spinning just right.  Read the articles below develop your own opinion on the changing world.  Then check back in a few days to see how Philistine is preparing for the speed of the changing world.

Here's a hint: if the world is spinning to fast below your feet then you betta start running or get yo self some wheels.  See you soon.  Keep thinking.

Change and Chavez Red

Brothas and Sistas,

I's very angry today.  I keep reading about Pat Robertson's call for the assassination of Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez.  Yes, I'm seeing red, Hugo Chavez red, I can't believe the leader of the Christian Coalition is calling for the assassination of a democratically elected head of state.

I'm extra angry because Philistine is half Venezeulan, that's where the Jesus in my name comes from.

Brothas and sistas, don't me wrong I am a believer.  I believe in the Almighty but I just wonder if I share the same Almighty as the Christian Coalition.  I want change like everyone else but not at the price of more death. 

Flying creative Class

Brothas, Mothas, sistas and creative folk,

I'm still running with the coming changes theme.  I like what I'm seeing, reading and feeling.  Change is coming.  Its coming quick in some places, slow in others and monumentally fast in me.

Let's start with others.  I've been readin, no not books but reviews about books.  P's mind is too busy to read long, long books but I do read about them.  Check this one out:  "The Flight of the Creative Class: The New Global Competition for Talent".

Says there is a growing, talented, tolerant class of people that are becoming serious players in the world's economy.  I wonder who day is?  I wonder if I am one of them.  I wondering if I can change fast enough to be a part of it.  I'm fastening my seat belt, change is coming.

Movin' on UP!

Brothas, Mothas, sistas and common minded folk,


I have for many years felt a revolution was comin’.  Not some soft meandering change but something more profound, something that would bring us closer to the all important dream, the dream of a “situation where little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers.”


We are one step closer friends!  Look at what I just found on the internet.  Check out the altered map above.  Yes we are Movin’ on Up!  The number of mixed race children is growing.


Hold tight friends our time is coming.  God give us patience to await our time.  God give us love to justly treat the coming minority.  God give us wisdom to guide us towards a new future. 


Read the good news here.


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