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PBL isn't just another student group—it gives members that opportunity to learn, travel, and grow as a business professional. Employers are looking for students with cutting-edge skills. PBL gives members the chance to gain these skills and prepares them for the "real-world" after college. Set yourself apart from the average graduate! In today's highly competitive business environment it takes more than just a degree to succeed. It requires business savvy, leadership skills, and technical knowledge. By taking advantage of the many programs that Phi Beta Lambda offers, students acquire the skills that will set them apart from the average graduate. They will be better prepared for careers, graduate school and for life!   read more...
Congradulations to Dr. Willis, Advisor of the Year!!!

February 21, 2010 

Mrs. Barbara Gehan: 

I am writing to you on behalf of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda (IUP-PBL) to nominate our advisor, Dr. Lucinda Willis for the Advisor of the Year award. As I am sure you are aware, IUP-PBL is an active organization within the collegiate, local (Western Pennsylvania) community, and state. Through several activities, innovative leadership opportunities, and career development programs, we have worked hard to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship. All of this, however, would not have been possible without the continued support, encouragement, and vigor of Dr. Lucinda Willis. 

Dr. Willis has been serving as the trusted advisor of IUP-PBL for the past 6 years. Throughout this time, she has seen the success of over 200 students at numerous state and national leadership conferences, including 27 awards recieved at the 2009 National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA. Her continued drive to develop the leadership skills of her students and motivation to see them succeed, not only professionally, but personally has made all this possible. It is her hope that this year will be no exception.  

Without a doubt, the unity of our organization, the relationships we have with one another and our dedication to PBL’s mission, are the result of Dr. Willis’ commitment to us and to PBL. Her presence at every general and executive meeting, her valued input as to service opportunities and fundraising, and enthusiasm inspire all members to put their best professional foot forward. For example, Dr. Willis suggested that we create two new committees, one dedicated to conference preparation and another to our annual professional yard sale. Since these committees began more efficient processes and timelines were created for the flow of information and member involvement has increased. 

Along with assisting our chapter to become more efficient, Dr. Willis is attentive to those who are actively involved; for example she goes out of her way to suggest internship opportunities to members. In many ways, Dr. Willis is more of a trusted associate rather than a superior. Her integrity, care, enthusiasm and intelligence make her a valued part of any members’ personal and professional network. Students trust her to offer them insights to professional success, which can be seen through their continual requests for her to review resumes and discuss future business opportunities with her. Furthermore, most members feel comfortable being themselves in her presence, and enjoying meals and pleasant conversation with her. In fact Dr. Willis’ favorite phrase is, “We like to have fun here, guys. So let’s do it!” 

To repeat her phrase, “let’s do it,” let’s take this opportunity to recognize a truly superior advisor. As an advisor who consistently goes above the call of duty, Dr. Lucinda Willis encourages her students to succeed academically, socially and above all, professionally. The effect Dr. Willis has on the members of PBL is reflected in IUP’s continuous success at conferences and the strong character of her PBL members. All of her efforts, without question, make her worthy of the Advisor of the Year award. 

Thank you for your consideration. 


Sonya Chilenski 

Sonya Chilenski, IUP-PBL President

Meghan McCarthy 

Meghan McCarthy, IUP-PBL Secretary 

Shane Slagle 

Shane Slagle, IUP-PBL Treasurer 

Amanda Raup 

Amanda Raup, IUP-PBL Former Vice President

PBL Officers
Amanda RaupVice President   
Dr. Lucinda WillisAdvisor   
Meghan McCarthySecretary   
Shane SlagleTreasurer   
Sonya ChilenskiPresident   
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