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Saturday, January 24, 2015
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Hello BCBB'ers and others. Welcome to my morphing gallery. This gallery is meant primarily for members of The Beard Community Bulletin Board, but ALL are welcome here.

I have gotten alot from the BCBB and thought to give something back, but times being what they are a monetary contribution is not very likely these days.

I started Morphing some of the pics in the Galleries at the BCBB and shared them with a few friends.... and they told two friends, and THEY told two friends, and so on... and so on....
Well, you get the idea.

To put them all online into a gallery was the next logical step I guess. This little labor of love is not only my pleasure, but my gift (such as it is) back to the community.

All the best in your beard endeavors, and thanks for stopping by!

Steve (Mr. Morph)

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